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Gold has always been considered a significance of value, usually handed over generations. The worth of gold is beyond measure. It has played an important role in the international monetary system too. By the late 19th Century, many of the world’s major currencies were fixed to gold at a set price per ounce, under the ‘Gold Standard’. Thus, it is resourceful to unlock the power of gold.

Gold loans today are driven in part by uncertainty over the future of the international monetary systems and the need to diversify reserves. They can help to manage market risk, improve portfolio performance and preserve national wealth.

Avana advises Gold Loan as

  1. The repayment tenures of such loans are typically shorter, extending to a maximum of 12 months in most cases.
  2. The amount of the loan in such a case depends on the value of the gold being deposited rather than the repaying capacity of the individual, which plays a lesser role here.

With gold present, no need to think further.

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